"Insight to Inspiration"

I to I Dance is under development and perhaps will always be… for as life forever changes, so do you, and therefore so will the dance. With the music as your primary guide, allow your thoughts to flow through you, allow the words to jog memories from you. Become fully aware of the Insights to your inner self.

Move through the feeling as you move through the dance. With each song pulling you along on an inner journey. Your journey may have many side roads, each with a glimpse into the branching or spiraling connections of your life. Each path holds the potential answers to your life questions.

Each answer from your journey inspires a new path, a new purpose, and a new direction for your soul to travel. This Inspiration not only influences you, but all who are present with you and for days to come as you carry this inner knowledge into your everyday life.

Doing the Patterns

After your warm up and some pre-dance stretching, begin to move into the first dance pattern or rhythm. Fully intend to be in the pattern, strive to maximize each pattern.