DJ PermieDon

a conscious dance DJ

“Energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms, A human being is just that energy, waves, patterns, rhythms, nothing more nothing less… a dance!”

- Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms

Welcome! As an everyday practice, I am a Permaculturist. As a Taurus and lifelong dancer, I have developed an inner and outer flow that is called "Creative Expression.” I produce my own dances called “Insight to Inspiration” and collaborate with other dance leaders to create an ecstatic conscious dance experience.

I have spent hundreds of hours creating a conscious dance - music mix collection. The process included an intensive search process where I carefully selected and screened every track to ensure it was free of negative things like swearing, womanizing, violence, adult content, and depressive lyrics. My collection contains approximately 38 gigabytes of positive, inspiring, transformative, and family friendly music that is sure to reach into your heart and call out the inner artist!

The rhythms are the messages to your body - The words are the messages to your mind - The feelings are the messages to yourself. As the music plays… the brain transforms that music into movements, unique to you, that in turn becomes a dance. The dance allows emotions to flow through you… sometimes showing but sometimes not. In the end, you will discover that your soul will feel better than when you arrived.